When God messes with your comfort zone, day 5

Reading my journal entry for today, I realized that I was journaling for day 6 and I still called it day 5, which now the rest of the journal entries are one off, but I know that’s ok because the content and the feelings are all there. So here it is with all the wrong dayness with it 🙂

March 1, 2014
Day 5 was yesterday of the no make up challenge, I didn’t journal because I didn’t leave the house yesterday, as you know I am quite comfortable at home being make up-less! Today I went out to a few different places, I haven’t been so focused while I’m out on the fact that I’m not wearing make up, it’s when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, or I see a beautiful woman that I am brought back to the reality that I don’t have any make up on. I got a comment today from someone saying ” you look tired today” I took that as not that I looked tired but I looked different because I had no make up on, a lot of people are just not used to seeing me out without make up on. Although I am tired I don’t want to look tired too. I have been thinking a bit about this journey I’m on and God is bringing out motives, motives are important to God and they are important to us. The why behind what we do is very important because it comes from our heart. If the only reason I give a gift to someone is so that I get a gift back, well that is not a good motive for giving a gift, it will just lead to disappointment. I’m looking at why do I wear make up and could I live without wearing make up? 2 reasons why I wear make up #1 is for approval and # 2 is because I like the art of make up. One reason is not a good reason to wear it and one is a good reason to wear it, one will always out weigh the other, which one will it be. By taking off my make up I can get my answer, mostly I wear it for approval, I know that because in the beginning of this challenge I was concerned about what I looked like to other people and was comparing myself to them. In the last couple of days I have realized that I miss putting make up on. For instance when Ive seen a nice make up look I want to do it or I think about eyeliner and I want to try something with it, then I know I genuinely like to do make up for the art of it as well, I like to play around with it. It’s the first reason that I wear make up that has to be adjusted and I’m willing to let God help me with that one. I truly want to be free.


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