When God messes with your comfort zone, day 4

Today’s journal entry is for day four. I remember day 4 very well because our son Tyler broke his wrist on day 3 of this challenge and the break was so bad that they could not repair it without surgery so they sent us home only to come back to the hospital the next morning for 8:30. We spent 12 hours at the hospital on day four waiting for him to get his surgery, he ended up being the last surgery of the day that was at 6:00 pm, by the time the surgery was over and he had recovered from the anesthetic enough to go home it was well after 8:00 pm. 2014 was an eventful year for my family, Tyler wasn’t the only one to break his wrist, one month prior to Tyler’s break, my middle son Christian broke his wrist in a skateboarding competition, and five months after that he broke it again skateboarding, but the second break was severe as it was a compound fracture with both bones coming through the skin… I’ll take it easy on the queasy stomachs out there and not give you anymore of the gory details. Stress , too much of it is an awful thing, that was my 2014, it challenged me to be a doer of the Word and not just a forgetful hearer. I had to cast my care continually, but I am more the better for it today. So now here is what you have been waiting for journal entry day 4 of the no makeup challenge.

February 28, 2014
Day 4 of what I am going to call the ” no make up challenge” to be honest so far I haven’t been a big fan of going without make up, but I know there is more to this than that. We were at the hospital again today with Tyler, he had to have surgery on his wrist to repair it. When we got to the waiting room area there were 3 other couples there, guess what I did the minute I walked in to that room? Some might not guess correctly others of you may know right off the bat, either way I am going to share it with you. I looked at all three women and began to compare myself with them, I came in assessing my completion so to speak. This was eye opening as I had not really ever noticed myself be so comparative, my thoughts were as follows “well out of all 4 women in this room I am the second smallest weight wise” one woman was petite and dressed stylishly which my attention was drawn to her immediately as what I can only conclude as she was my biggest threat, ridiculous I know, but before this I really had no idea this is what I did. I believe that simply by removing the make up has made me more self conscious and my desire to get everything out of this experience that God wants for me, has heightened awareness of myself and my actions whether openly or privately. This speaks volumes to me, now to unravel it and make sense of it all, not on my own but through prayer and in the light of Gods word and with His wisdom other wise I will gain nothing because apart from God I am nothing and I can do nothing. I wasn’t as uncomfortable without make up today as I was yesterday, but I still was well aware of my naked face especially in certain instances.


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