When God messes with your comfort zone, day 2

Sorry you guys, I don’t have a journal entry for the second day ( February 25, 2014) of my no makeup challenge , I’m not sure why, either I didn’t write one or it got erased. I do want to share somethings with you today though, something that God spoke to me a little while back. I was reminded of it this week and I feel like it fits this series well. He said to me “Lisa, do you want a temporary solution for a permanent problem or do you want a permanent solution for a temporary problem”? This Is Something that is good for me to ponder. When you think about it,  It’s much easier to think we would be inclined to take the permanent solution, but it’s always a whole other matter when we are faced with doing it and may I just venture out a bit and say, it’s much easier sometimes to keep doing what we are doing than to go through the pain of change… Hmmmmm.


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