Loss, not something I thought I’d be blogging about today!

Yesterday I woke up to the news that someone close to us had passed away. It wasn’t a sudden death like does happen, we knew he was sick and he was in the hospital as he had been many times before, but the expectation was that he was going to come home again just like he had every other time. He was only 21.  Today was his 22nd birthday. (We)family and close friends gathered together today to celebrate it, we wrote messages on helium filled balloons and sent them off toward heaven it was beautiful…Gotta take a little pause, I can’t see through my tears. Ok I can see now. B was diagnosed with a brain tumour 4 years ago, they did surgery and radiation to rid him of the cancerous tumour. He got along as well as he could after his surgery and soon things began to look up for him, so much so that he enrolled himself in college. One month after he started college his symptoms came back and it was soon discovered that the tumour had grown back with a vengeance. This time doctors weren’t playing around and they successfully removed most of the Tumour and did stronger radiation in hopes that that would keep the tumour at bay. He didn’t come out of all that unscathed but he had most of what he needed to live a “normal” life, and his head and neck pain which he frequently had on and off since before he was diagnosed were manageable with medication. B is the sweetest most kind hearted person you would ever meet,when we met his parents B was just 6 years old and we had the privilege of watching him grow up. He came across as a little bit shy but that wouldn’t stop him from helping people. He seemed more concerned for others than for himself. He was a sports guy and played hockey very well, he and my middle son C had a common love for skateboarding, all my boys looked up to him, he was the oldest of our (his parents and Don and myself) 6 children combined we have 3 they have 3. When they did the surgeries on him, both times they removed the tumour through his nasal cavity, which caused some problems with infection, healing in this area seemed slow and he would have to go to the hospital every so often to get his nasal cavity cleaned. This past New Years he came down with an infection, they gave him an antibiotic that made him very sick and nauseated however they didn’t realize it was the antibiotic until he was finished it, he suffered for a few weeks not knowing what the cause of these symptoms were. He got better, but that was short lived, in February he was rushed to the hospital where the family was told to say their good byes because they didn’t think he was going to make it. Being Christians they didn’t accept that diagnoses and opted to transfer him to a different hospital. He was diagnosed there with menengitis and fought for his life, many people praying for him and a miracle happened, 3 months later he was home! This time however the menengitis did some further damage and his head and neck pain wasn’t able to be managed well at this point and with all the medications he was on he lost his hearing. 2 weeks ago he was rushed back to the hospital this time with pneumonia, he made small improvements day by day, but that only lasted so long eventually his lungs developed more pockets of infection and they were unable to fully keep up with it, but his will to live was still there. It was this past week that took its biggest toll on him. I still had hope that we would hear he was improving, instead we got a phone call informing us of his passing.  In some moments it doesn’t seem real and others it is all too real. I do know this, that he gave his life to Jesus and in the words of The apostle Paul I can say, we do not grieve (for him) like those without hope… We believe B is in heaven right now where there is no suffering, sickness or sorrow. B we will miss you, but we know we will see you again. Rest in the eternal peace that is yours now and forever! 


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