Coming out of the water

I grew up for the first part of my life Roman Catholic, I was baptized as a baby, went to a Catholic Church and a catholic school and even had my first communion. It was around the time that I had my first communion that my dad began to question church. It wasn’t that church or God were bad it was just that he began to see… “Press pause” Ok, I think this is a good place to put in a disclaimer ( disclaimer: this is not a blog against the Catholic Church, Catholics or Catholicism this is just my story and ONE Catholic Church which does not represent all Catholic Churches, I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ). As I was saying, my dad began to notice a general disrespect in the church, like people were only going for appearances and that they really didn’t want to be there, this began to turn him right off, the last straw came when the stranger beside him fell asleep on his shoulder during mass! He walked out of church that day saying to God if this is all there is to church I don’t want to have anything to do with it! and after that day he stopped taking us to church. A few weeks later we had a knock at our door, (it was rare that anyone came to our small country town which consisted of all dirt roads) the knock at the door were people from a church in a near by town about 20 mins away and they were inviting us to church. My dad believed this was an answer to prayer and he jumped at the chance to go. He took us the very next Sunday and we heard the gospel for the first time, we were told about Jesus in a different way and that we could be ” born again” I watched as my dad sat closer and closer to the edge of his seat hanging off of every word the pastor spoke. At the end of the service they gave an alter call and my dad was so excited that he jumped over my mom and ran to the alter, I will never forget that moment it left an impression on me. I didn’t fully understand what my dad had done and what giving your life to Jesus was, but Sunday after Sunday my parents took us to church. My moment came when the pastor gave another alter call at the end of the service and everyone was going up, including my mom and dad so, I decided I would go up too. Being just 7 years old I didn’t know what to do up there, I just watched what the people around me were doing and I copied them. With my hands up in the air kind of closing my eyes,( I didn’t want to miss anything if something were to change) out of what seemed like no where an older lady came to me and asked me if I had accepted Jesus as my saviour, I hadn’t, so she asked if I wanted to and we said the sinners prayer together. That day changed my life, I didn’t know it in that very moment, but I know that I am where I am today because of that one moment. It was soon after that that I made the decision to be water baptized, to publicly confess that I would follow Jesus for the rest of my life. There were no fireworks or goosebumps nothing that made that moment “feel” special, but it was special and although I didn’t fully understand what I was doing back then, I understand it now. Today I had the privilege of watching two of my Sunday school students get water baptized, one being 11, the other 10. They shared in their own words why they wanted to be water baptized and it was beautiful. God reminded me through them of my own water baptism and it brought tears to my eyes, I watched how special it was for these two young ones today and realized how special my own experience was. Sometimes we loose sight of how important and special certain moments are in our lives or like me we are not fully aware of how significant a moment is but that doesn’t make it any less important. I loved how God reminded me today of my moment and even though the fireworks weren’t flying today either I got to see and realize just how special and important my own water baptism really was and the best part, is that God remembers it too.


3 thoughts on “Coming out of the water

    1. God is so good isn’t He!? I just want everyone to know how good He really is… Thanks to you and your husband, your story is touching lives, it is a true testimony about who God really is! Continue to be blessed

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