How I met my husband

How we metI met my husband at Hy& Zel’s a Supermarket drugstore. Where we were both employed. I was just starting high school and he was in college I was only a few months away from being 15 and he was a couple weeks away from turning 20. We met when a mutual friend and co worked decided that we HAD to meet and she literally dragged me by the arm to meet him. When I first saw him I remember thinking how nice his eyes were, I liked that he was tall and as we all started talking I fell in love with his sense of humour, he seemed like a really nice guy. We quickly became “work friends”. When our schedules over lapped I would find him in his aisle and talk with him. The more I talked with him the more I liked him and I started to have feelings for him, this was not a good thing for me because I already had a boyfriend. So, as far as I was concerned Don and my relationship wasn’t going to go anywhere I mean we were just friends, so I decided that I wasn’t going to talk to him anymore, and we didn’t talk to each other for a long time but, eventually and inevitably we began talking again. I had mistakenly thought that the time we spent not talking would have lessened the feelings I had for him, but that was not the case. I just had to push aside my feelings for him because I was not interested in breaking up with my boyfriend at the time,(however in hindsight I should have left him the first time he hit me,for some reason I thought I was in love with him but that is a whole other story) I also didn’t think Don’s feelings for me were anything other than platonic anyway. More than a year went by and on a day that Don and I were working together he came into the lunch room while I was on break and struck up a conversation, he came in sat down and told me that he would never date a girl as young as me! I remember arguing with him and giving him all the reasons why age shouldn’t matter, to be honest the whole conversation bothered me so much, it just brought to the surface the feelings I had for him. It was clear we were not going to agree, so I stood up in a huff telling him that I didn’t care because I had a boyfriend anyway and I walked out. 3 months after Don and I had that conversation it happened, my boyfriend and I broke up (it wasn’t a clean break up, he gave me a lot of trouble, but again that’s another story). In the meantime my feelings for Don grew even stronger and a friend of mine was encouraging me to tell him, but I honestly thought that He wasn’t interested so I kept my feelings to myself. More time passed and Don once again came into the lunch room but this time it was before I started my shift, he sat down and proceeded to have the same conversation he had, had with me six months earlier, he said he would never date a girl as young as me. Again I argued my point and he argued right back, until he stood up and said “well you have a boyfriend anyway” he turned to walk out when I informed him that my boyfriend and I broke up. He sat back down and asked me what had happened, I gave him a brief synopsis, then left to start my shift. His shift ended as my shift began. I was a cashier and before he left for the day he came through my line up and bought gum, he hung around for a while talking to people and it seemed every time I looked up he was still there, eventually it got so busy I didn’t even notice when he had left. Half way through my shift Don called the store to talked to me and to my surprise he asked me out on a date! I honestly didn’t see it coming, but now when I look back on it, it couldn’t have been more obvious! I didn’t even hesitate and I said yes to him right away. Two weeks later We had an amazing first date. He was a true gentleman and still is to this day. I had, had so many bad relationships, he was the first man to ever like me for me, he respected me, and held no expectations on me. My husband was a God send and came in to my life just at the right time, it changed the whole direction of my life and I thank God for that!


2 thoughts on “How I met my husband

    1. Yes, there is a lot more that I can share. I have learned that God can and does use our lives to touch others. I’m not sure yet as to what I’m “ready” to share, but sharing about my marriage has been a good start. Thanks Chris for your comment!

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