Everything is not perfect, but I’m okay with that!

In my journey of being a wife this is what I have learned…To be quick to forgive. That my feelings cannot dictate the direction that I go, especially negative emotions. The way I see it or my perspective on a matter can be tainted by fears, past experiences, disappointments and feelings of inadequacy. Wow is this really true? do I really see myself as “unwanted”!? Am I not good enough? How do I do this, I am not who “my” thoughts say I am even when the one I love seems to be sending me the message that I am just not that important to him! It hurts my feelings, but then is God not big enough, is He not all I need and everything to me? If He is then I should find my acceptance, love and worthiness in Him. In Gods eyes am I not His precious child? Does He not love me with an everlasting love? Did He not give me the most precious thing to Him so that I could be a part of His family? Is God not my defender? Did He bring me in to this world unwanted, unloved and without purpose? Does He not care for me? Am I really His beloved? I write all of this is so I can sort through what is true and real and what is a lie and fake. On one hand I have feelings of unimportance because my spouse has lousy timing, he waits for all the children to be out of the house before he falls asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon! On the other hand, I have a perfect Father who loves me, who does not sleep or slumber and who deems me as most valuable and important as His daughter. He sees and loves me and is right here with me pursuing a relationship. He cares. Man does and man will fail us, But God never will. I may feel rejected, and I may be tempted to follow my feelings and wallow in self pity, But I will not! Why? Because I can choose and I choose to allow God and His word to tell me who I am, I choose the truth and to find my identity in Him and rest in His unfailing love. Before I go I will remind myself of this scripture, Jesus said, ” in this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world”. John 16:33


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