Monthly Archives: June 2013

Sincerely Yours…

As the day of my anniversary fast approaches, I look back on the years that have past with great memories and a realization that I am truly blessed to have married my husband those (humble) 18 years ago. I didn’t know it then that the man I married would truly be my best friend, my lover, my greatest supporter and would love me so much more than I thought I could be loved by one person. It sounds so cliche to say that he is my hero, but he really is. He rescued me and showed me that I was worth a lot more than the way I was being treated. I had my first date with him on the heels of a break up from an abusive relationship, and believe it or not I considered going back to my abuser. My husband stepped up and protected me, he did everything he could to show me how a woman should be treated and that she should be respected! Needless to say he won me over. I fell in love with him very quickly and three and a half years later we were at the alter saying our vows. 18 years, 2 houses and 3 children later I am still so in love with him. He has never ceased to show me more sides of himself that just make me love him more. I respect him for the man that he is and I leave whatever needs to be changed in God’s hands because I love him just the way he is. Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you so much, sincerely yours ❤image